Exercise helps teen with autism get fit and develop confidence – w/Video

Chicago, IL – New research indicates that physical activity can potentially decrease negative behaviours linked to Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Exercise has long been known to counteract the symptoms of various illnesses and improve one’s overall health and wellness. Now studies reflect the fact that those with autism can also benefit from it which has prompted teens like Anthony Angelico to embark on a personal fitness regimen. Angelico, a 17 year old with ASD, has been working with his coach Dave Geslak in order to develop a fitness routine that has enabled the teen to increase both his strength and endurance.

“Coach Dave” specializes in exercise for young people with autism through his program Exercise Connections , where he uses tailored regimens and incorporates visual aides to create an environment that allows teens like Angelico to engage in a safe and effective workout.

It has thus enabled Angelico to become more active which has not only improved his overall fitness level but increased his self-esteem and confidence as well. Both he and his mother agree that his new workout routine has been beneficial for him both physically as well as emotionally with the teen asserting:

“I feel a bit more confident. I feel a little bit happier that way. I’ve gotten better at my homework and my job.”

Source: menright4287 on the WGNtv.com website: Autism and Excercise