Dream come true – Teen on autism spectrum plays on high school basketball team: w/video

De Graff, OH – A local teenager with Autism Spectrum Disorder succeeded in playing on his high school basketball team during one of its final season games.

Dargan Bristow had been diagnosed with both Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAE) and autism 5 years ago and relocated from South Carolina to Ohio with his grandparents in search of more opportunities to socialize and participate in organized sports. According to his grandmother there weren’t many viable opportunities available for the 16 year old in South Carolina that would accommodate his needs and enable him to thrive both athletically and academically.

However Bristow found many  upon joining the Riverside Beavers team in De Graff and after participating well during practice, his coach Rossi Santo instructed him to play during the final quarter of a recent game. To his delight, the youngster managed to hit two 3 pointers and one assist in only 6 minutes. The team ultimately lost the game but Bristow’s impressive performance enabled him to learn the importance of  good sportsmanship and working hard to achieve one’s goals.

Now, according to Santo, the teen will be given the opportunity to apply those lessons on the court during the season’s final game where Bristow will be given the opportunity to play longer and ultimately show both his friends and family what he can do.

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Source: Nicole Pellettere on abc News: Ohio Teen With Autism Achieves Dream of Playing Basketball