February 2, 2015

The Bronx, NY – Director of the Montefiore Einstein Center for Autism and Communication Disorders, Dr. Michele Dunn has created an app to help people on the autism spectrum navigate social situations better. The app is called Dr. Dunn and was inspired by a student who asked for a way to get help with social situations whenever he needed it.

Dr. Dunn told Bronx News 12.

“He asked if I could make a little booklet-a little tiny booklet-that he could keep in his pocket and carry it around and look at it and say ‘what can I say to this kid?’”

Many people on the autism spectrum find social situations confusing and this app aims to change that by prompting users with tasks that teach how to do small talk or better organize their day.

“They don’t know these rules and get rejected by other people and can’t develop the relationships they want to have.”

Currently the app is in the development state but soon it will go into the focus group stage to see how well it works.

Source: News 12 website: Doctor creates app for kids with autism


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