“Day at the Races” Speedway Racing for Autistic Children

CC BY-NC-ND by Devar

NASCAR, Dover International Speedway – will be holding its third consecutive event, “Day at the Races” this Sunday which will help benefit Autism Speaks.

Dover International Speedway and their sponsor, FedEx have joined with Autism Speaks to provide an air-conditioned, sensory-friendly viewing area for families who have autistic children.

There will be pre-race visits from drivers and presentations on autism from educational speakers as well as a designated ‘quiet zone.’

Artie Kempner, a board member of Autism Speaks and NASCAR broadcast director said:

“There are a lot of kids on the [autistic spectrum] who love to watch NASCAR,”

He then added:

“Whatever it is, whether it’s the cars being the way they look going around in a circle, there’s a symmetry to it, and a lot of folks on the spectrum just get into that symmetry. We’ve got a lot of NASCAR fans out there, and it’s great to put it all together. For me to be a part of this is a real honor.”

The original article by Chris Estrada on the NBC Sports website can be found here