Cops who shot man with autism get $3 million more in settlement than victim’s mother

LAPDLos Angeles — Two police officers from the Los Angeles Police Department are getting $4 million in settlement after claiming that they have been discriminated against at work— nearly five years after facing charges for shooting a man with autism in the face.

Both officers were allegedly responsible for shooting a man with ASD at L.A.’s Koreatown neighborhood back in 2010. The LAPD insisted that both cops were justified in shooting the victim, but an independent investigation conducted by L.A.’s civilian review board found that they had violated the police department’s use-of-force policy.

Both officers were pulled out from the field as a consequence, and were later on tasked to do desk jobs instead.

The demoted LAPD officers claimed that since then, they were passed around for promotions and transfers, and their requests to return to field work were constantly denied.

The officers said they were discriminated against because they were Latinos, citing that one white officer responsible for a similar shooting incident was only put on probation for six weeks.

One of the officers received $2.2 million in the settlement, while the other was rewarded $1.9 million— the total amount of which is four times the amount received by their shooting victim’s mother.

The mother of the man with autism that the officers shot was only compensated a total of $950,000 during the case’s settlement.

Source: on the Fusion website: Cops shoot woman’s autistic son in the face, get a settlement worth $3 million more than hers