Congressman upset over hurdles in acquiring medicinal marijuana in Georgia

Atlanta — Medicinal marijuana is now legal in Georgia, but state Rep. Allen Peake is upset over the hurdles that ailing patients have to go through in order for them to avail themselves of medicinal cannabis.

The medical cannabis registry in the state officially opened Tuesday, and Peake, who created it, is upset that federal prohibition had made it necessary for the state to even have one in the first place.

In Georgia, the federal law prohibits the possession of marijuana and everything that’s made from it, and carrying of which across the state borders is actually considered smuggling.

The state’s medical cannabis registry does not change or alter that prohibition in any way, although it does give patients the protection from being prosecuted in Georgia if they are ever caught in possession of a liquid medical cannabis— which they are allowed to carry under very tight state rules.

How they actually get the liquid medical cannabis is an entirely different question, as the medical cannabis registry is in no way an excuse to bend the state’s rules on the transportation of marijuana. It remains a grey area under the state’s federal law.

As of date, applicants hoping to get protection from the medical cannabis registry would have to go through a grueling process that may take up to 15 business days. Peake wants the congress to make a change and significantly lessen the burden for patients in bad need of cannabis medication, but said that he doubts they’ll make that change anytime soon.

Source: Maggie Lee on the news website: Georgia opens medical cannabis registry