Coalition for Community Choice organizations sign letter to Center for Medicaid Services

image taken from the Coalition for Community Choice Facebook page

image taken from the Coalition for Community Choice Facebook page

Coalition for Community Choice (CCC), an alliance consisting of more than 85 businesses and organizations united in their role of advocates for individuals with disabilities— signed a letter to the Center for Medicaid Services (CMS) to express their concern over how they feel that the state leaders are deviating from the original intentions of the federal regulations that govern Medicaid services.

In a letter dated Dec. 19, the coalition called for the CMS to grant three of their requests to address their concerns,

We ask that CMS consider three requests:

1) Please do not accept State Transition Plans that do not follow the intent of the Final Rule by including HCBS criteria that is neither outcome-oriented nor based on individual experience.
2) Provide further clarification to state leaders that congregate intentional living settings should not be dismissed as not meeting HCBS criteria.
3) Request that states publicly post all public comments as well as the state summary of public comment that will be sent to CMS to ensure accountability to stakeholders.

According to the CCC, the waiver services and support regulations in every state across the country are in flux, and that this raises concerns over how the state leaders have been ‘swaying’ from the true intentions of the federal regulations governing the CMS.

Source: Shannon Doty on the Coalition for Community Choice website: 70 organizations sign onto important letter to CMS