June 15, 2014

Autism NetworksCrewe, Cheshire The Autism Networks – A charity that caters for 150 individuals fears that people who benefit from its services may be deprived of the support they need if Cheshire East cannot sort parking issues created by the new lifestyle centre. The Crewe Chronicle reports.

Many of its service users have anxiety issues.

Project co-ordinator Mick Rimmington said:

“Some people with autism can be very anxious a lot of the time. New situations and a strange environment can raise that anxiety. Sometimes they need two members of staff to accompany them because the risk can be great.”

The new lifestyle centre being built on the existing Christ Church car parks site in Crewe will, Mr Rimmington fears, cause major problems.

“A lot of the people who come to us come from residential care and if anything happened when there was only one member of staff when there should have been two then those staff would be in trouble.”

Mr Rimmington added that close parking was essential because one in three people with autism has epilepsy. Therefore if a service user was to have a seizure in the centre they would need quick access to transport.

The Autism Networks is currently expanding and soon it will be open five days a week.

Mr Rimmington is appealing to Cheshire East to resolve the issue.

Cheshire East Council leader Michael Jones said the lifestyle centre was for the benefit of the people of Crewe.

“This is a lifestyle centre, not just a leisure centre, and we’ve got a lot of people going in there.”

The Autism Networks website can be found here

The original article by Belinda Ryan in the Crewe Chronicle can be found here

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