Charities still affected by ‘salary top-ups’ controversy

Dublin, Ireland — A year after the ‘salary top-ups’ controversy that tainted the reputations of most charitable organizations in Ireland, charity execs say that the organizations are still recovering from the backlash of the infamous scandal.

Controversies were sparked last year after it was revealed that outrageous salary top-ups were paid to a number of charity execs in some of Ireland’s known charitable organizations.

The scandal also eventually prompted the Irish government to devise and implement regulations under the Charities Regulation Authority (CRA). Out of the 25,000 charitable organizations in Ireland, however, only about 8,500 turned up to register.

The organization hardest hit by the scandal was the Central Remedial Clinic (CRC), which was also the center of the ‘salary top-ups’ controversy. Donations to CRC are so far about €170,000 less than the amount the organization received last year.

Also greatly affected by the scandal is Irish Autism Action, which experienced a massive drop from the amount of donations it received last year which was at €1.64 million, to this year’s €861,806. The organization expects the World Autism Day in April, however, to be its main fundraising drive, and to boost donations to the struggling charity.

Other charities significantly affected by the the ‘salary top-ups’ scandal are The Alzheimer’s Society, Our Lady’s Hospice, and the Marie Keating Foundation.

Source: Joyce Fegan and Maeve Sheahan on the Irish Independent website: Charities still reeling from aftershock of salary scandals