Book Review – Choosing Autism Interventions, A Research Based Guide


UKChoosing Autism Interventions, A Research Based Guide, is a joint publication between Research Autism, Autism West Midlands and Dimensions. The authors are Bernard Flemming, Elisabeth Hurley and the Goth.

The first thing I need to say is that I love this book. I was so very excited to finally read it, and after having heard so many wonderful things about it, I have to say that I was not disappointed.

This book I feel should be given to every family whose child is given a diagnosis of autism, as it contains everything you will ever need to know (and I mean everything). This is the holy grail of autism books. I really wish that this book had been available when my son was given his diagnosis, nearly three years ago.

This book presents in jargon free language what autism is, in reference to the latest definitions and guidelines. There is also an entire section that lists interventions, and then a further section containing useful information. At the end of the book there are also first hand accounts from those who are directly affected by autism; so the individual, parents, caregivers and so on.

This book is neutral, it is Switzerland, it merely presents the facts so that you as the reader, can make an informed decision. All the information given has been thoroughly researched and is evidence based. It is most importantly, unbiased and carries the NHS Information Standard quality mark.

I will break the book down into the sections already mentioned so as to give a more detailed description.

The book is colour coded into sections. The first section is:

Key information

This section gives the reader an overview of what autism is and I feel that for any parent or caregiver who is new to the world of autism having just been given a diagnosis, then this information is vital. I remember that feeling of being completely lost when my son was given his diagnosis, and of not really fully understanding what autism meant. The information presented here is clear and concise.


This is the main body of the book and describes in great detail all of the different interventions that are used, as well as the evidence based research behind the intervention. This section covers topics such as behavioural therapies, dietary interventions, psychological and sensory based interventions, medication as well as animal assisted therapies. It covers everything. Once you have read a particular intervention and want to learn more, then there is a comprehensive reference list that will give you further information and direction.

Making the Decision.

This section pretty much sums everything up and provides you with help in choosing a particular intervention. It also provides a summary of questions to ask. It provides guidance from NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence).


This is the section that includes personal perspectives. I know that as a parent of a newly diagnosed child, this would have been the section that I would have read first.

I cannot praise this book highly enough. I can only talk as a parent, but this book I feel should be recommended to every parent caring for a child on the spectrum, as well as teachers, the medical profession… in fact everyone. It covers everything you will ever need to know in a well structured and easy to read format.

Thank you to all involved for writing such an informative and much needed book. It will help so many parents out there, who at the moment feel completely lost.

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