Birdhouse for Autism App helps families with children on the spectrum

image taken from twitter

image taken from twitter

DETROIT – An app specifically developed by Birdhouse, helps families and caregivers of children with autism to keep track of their children’s daily activities via the collection of important data.

The Birdhouse for Autism app was designed to monitor all the essential information needed to help families and health workers get a better understanding of what is working and what is not,  regarding the interventions of a specific child.

Dani Gillman– one of the co-founders of Birdhouse who has a daughter diagnosed with autism, came up with the idea of pooling all the information she used to gather for her daughter through the help of Birdhouse co-founder Ben Chutz.

According to Gillman, taking notes of all her daughter’s activities and behavioral patterns were not much of a help unless they could all be seen aggregately, so that keeping track of noticeable trends and changes on each pattern were made possible.

Birdhouse for Autism has gained numerous support from families of children with special needs, securing about $250,000 in funding as reported here on Autism Daily Newscast.  The beta version of the app is already being used by thousands across the US.

Gillman and other Birdhouse co-founders are currently working on redesigning and improving the app.