Banks donate $100,000 each for Autism Therapy Wing

childrenSanford, Maine — In a collaboration with nonprofit organization Waban Center, Kennebunk Savings and SIS Bank each donated $100,000 to help fund the construction of the Fraser-Ford Child Development Center Autism Therapy Wing in Sanford.

The planned $1.25 million new Autism Therapy Wing will give the Fraser-Ford Child Development Center an additional 5,000 square feet of space which the center can use to house its multipurpose room, therapy rooms, and additional classrooms.

The Fraser-Ford Child Development Center currently has five working classrooms for pre-school children with autism aged three to five years old. The center also offers learning programs for children with other intellectual/developmental disabilities.

The Waban Center believes the construction of the new wing is instrumental in delivering the special needs of children with autism at the center. According to Waban Executive Director Neal Meltzer:

“Without additional space, we would be challenged to meet our existing commitments or address the increased demand for our specialized autism services.”

Waban is hoping that at least 80% of the funding needed for the building’s construction will be committed by donors in the next 12 months, and the organization expects construction to start as early as 2016.

Meltzer believes that the donations made by Kennebunk Savings and SIS Bank are indicative of the banks’ trust in the importance of early interventions.

Experts believe that the cost for autism services can be significantly lowered in the long run if children undergo early intervention.

Source: Banks unite for new autism wing at Waban Center