August 4, 2014

Taken from Facebook
Taken from Facebook

Detroit,MI –  Birdhouse LLC just finished the seed founding stage netting $250,000 with $25,000 coming from Start Garden in Grand Rapids, a $15,000,000 early-stage fund created by Rick DeVos. Friends and family have also invested into the promising company.

Birdhouse for Autism was founded by Ben Chutz and longtime girlfriend Dani Gillman. The name stems from Little Bird, a nickname Gillman gave her 9-year-old daughter with autism. Housed in Bizdom’s downtown Detroit headquarters, the company (who officially markets it’s products under the name Birdhouse for Autism) is beta testing websites and apps that could help parents who have children on the spectrum. 

One such app is an advanced calendar. Much like Women Log, this specialized calendar not only lets parents enter doctor, school, and other appointments, parents can also enter and track mental issues, physical issues, meals, sleep, and moods. The newest version of the app will even be able to pinpoint possible problems and the life changes that could have caused them such as lack of sleep and medication changes. 

Jennifer Pike, a web developer with the New Hampshire Council For the Developmentally Disabled came across the Birdhouse website last fall. What she saw thrilled her. As she told Crain’s Detroit Business:

“This is godsend. It’s an incredibly valuable tool. Every doctor says: ‘Can you track this? Can you track that?’ You end up with an overwhelming amount of paperwork. You just get overwhelmed.”  

To learn more about this amazing app, please visit the website at

The original article by Tom Henderson on the Crain’s Detroit Business website can be read here

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