Autism service dog returned to boy seven months after its disappearance w/video

dogLake City, FLA – An area youngster has been reunited with his autism service dog seven months after the canine first went missing.

Terran Christie and his family had been searching for the dog for months prior to it being found one mile down the street. The canine had been an effective therapy and communication tool for the preteen who asserts that Hank had helped him to sleep, stabilize his mood and interact more effectively with others.

However after the dog vanished, Terran found it difficult to cope without the canine and had to be placed on antidepressants in addition to his usual medications in order to treat the depression that subsequently developed. His mother Christine states:

 “He has to take medicine to be happy. His teacher would call me from school and say he’s crying. All this time my son had to deal with emotional problems that he couldn’t even understand.”

However two weeks ago, Terran happened to be walking home from school and saw the dog tied to a tree. A man, who was later convicted on unrelated larceny charges, initially refused to return him until the family filed a report and a local deputy intervened. Now Terran is ecstatic to be reunited with Hank saying:

 “He’s part of my family. He’s my best friend.”

SourceLaura Caso on the First Coast News website: Therapy dog returned to autistic boy after seven months