Autism mentoring program hosts social get-togethor

Middletown, CT – ShineBright Mentoring, a support service for people with autism, recently held a social event for people on the spectrum over the age of 18 and their parents. The event was orchestrated by SBM executive director Ryan Patrick Casey.

Called “Talk n’ Swap” the outing was created to help people with autism socialize with like-minded friends, something people on the spectrum have trouble doing. Many who attended had fun and found the outing to be quite useful. Karen Cheyney’s son Matthew Brunell, 26, played games while Cheyney talked with other parents.

“The parents were so happy to network with other parents,” Cheyney told Middletown Press, “We are all going through the same thing, so it’s great for parents and kids on spectrum.”

To ease the sensory issues of the attendees the party was held in the comfortable DeKoven House at 27 Washington St.
In addition to playing games, there were snacks, anime, trading cards, and comic books.

“There were many smiles and laughs throughout,”

Casy told, further  adding that people on the spectrum usually do things by themselves, something he wants to change with his mentoring. He often mentors people in their homes, noting that many still live with their parents.  Casey told Middletown News,

“I go there and really listen. There is a great need for support. Society has a problem, I want to find a solution.”

Casey has another get-together planned set to happen in a few months.

Source: Kathleen Schassler in The Middleown Press News website: Young adults on autism spectrum learn to socialize in Middletown

Contributed by Audrey L. Hollingshead