Author Ann M. Martin’s new book ‘Rain Reign’ features protagonist with autism

image taken from Facebook

image taken from Facebook

Ulster County, NY –  Famous author of the Baby-Sitters Club series, Ann M. Martin has just published a book written in the voice of a fifth grader with high-functioning autism. The book is titled Rain Reign and centers around Rose who loves homonyms, prime numbers, and following the rules. These little obsessions perplex her teachers and single father, but not her dog Rain whom she looses after a big storm. 

In an interview with CNN the middle school fiction writer said the character of Rose had been with her since the 1970s. Martin loved studying the learning difference of autism back then, she even minored in special education in college, spending her summers in Princeton New Jersey working with students on the spectrum. 

She had included people with autism in her other stories, but this is the first time she’s tackled the learning difference head on with a first person voice. Being a lover homonyms herself, the prolific author said  that the voice came naturally to her, becoming so crystal that she could almost hear it in her own mind.

This is radically different from her other dog centered story titled “A Dog’s Life” were she had to keep experimenting to get the main character, a dog named Squirrel, voice right.

In fact, the idea for Rain Reign came about when her two editors, Jean Feiwel and Liz Szbla talked about writing another dog tale. By then Hurricane Irene had hit New York and devastated the area so with Rose in the back of her mind and Irene in the front, Martin knew she had her story. The dog Rain was also partly based on her own furry friend Sadie.

To read the full interview by Ashley Strickland please visit the CNN website here