Asperger organizations in Spain promote International Asperger’s Day

aspergersevillaToday, Februray 18th is International Asperger’s Day. The event first created in 2007 aims to highlight the significance of Asperger syndrome for both society and individuals.  It also marks the 70th anniversary of the publication by Hans Asperger. Today we celebrate the work being done in Spain to raise awareness.

Talking with Faro de Vigo   María Carmen Lores Torres, Asperga Pontevedra President, discusses the challenges for those with Aspergers in Spain today and what her organization is doing to bring the issues into the public arena.

We have a program of activities. 20 organizations are holding a charity concert at the Conservatory of Music of Vigo, on Februray 22 a briefing in La Coruna and another on 28 February briefing in Pontevedra: the IES Valle Inclan.” (Translation via Google.)

In collaboration with the Hon. Sevilla City Council, Asperger Sevilla is holding a day long symposium with lectures by Vanessa Estepa, Eva Vena and Guadalupe Gomez.

Torres says that there is virtually no support for children with Asperger in public health system within her community.  At school these children sometimes go unnoticed because they may get good grades. School support depends on teachers and schools which may receive individual grants.

One study conducted eight years ago by a psychologist and social worker determined that in the Marid community 42% of the children with Asperger syndrome were harassed. 

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