September 7, 2016

Self expression is is a natural human desire and art is often a vehicle for this need. Not of of use will ever get our drawings or sculptures published but that does not mean it has intrinsic value in communicating something about us and how we experience our world. However, 50 have.

Published in June of 2012, Drawing Autism is a amazing selection of art created by amateurs and professional artists all identified as on the autism spectrum.


Publisher’s description:

Drawing Autism celebrates the artistry and self-expression found in the drawings, paintings and collages created by individuals diagnosed with autism. The work of over 50 international contributors exhibits unique perspectives on how these individuals see the world and their places in it.

Art can definitely be called as an element which has high healing properties and therapeutic applications and is of wide use and demand in the medical field. It is most beneficial for children especially for those who suffer from disabilities like autism as it develops the inner realm of the child and will help them discover how they actually fit into the world around them.

Scientific studies show that painting and other forms of art actually gives such children a chance to express themselves and communicate as they are not normally used to expressing their feelings or ideas through verbal communication or interaction. Learning to express themselves with the help of paint and music will also enable them to enhance their self confidence levels and even their self esteem which will prove to be very beneficiary for the rest of their lives. Praising them in their art works will also make them feel good and will erase off that thought in them that they are disabled or are different from the other children of their community.

An autistic student is more likely to learn not by listening to the instructions or writing them down as they would not be able to do that and so the teacher should be able to make them understand the basic of any skill and should use the material effectively and should be taught in a different but very effective way.

Art and painting is of extreme importance for such people as it enables them to feel connected to their surroundings and it serves as a medium for their connection with the rest of the world and also with their family and friends and it is also very effective in healing such people physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually too. The effectiveness of art on such people largely depends on the way it is taught and effectively conveyed to them. The teachers can play a very positive role by making the children interact efficiently with them and others and by encouraging them in the interest and aptitude they show in various skills like painting. The trainer should also be able to convey the ideas they possess to the children to improve their skills which in turn should also be understood by them properly. This can also enable the child to be confident about his or her own skills.

Thus, art proves to be a very effective tool in the world of disabled children as it is indeed a very beautiful language they can use to communicate with the outside world.


About the author 

Rajat Chakraborty

Rajat Chakraborty has been writing articles for the past four years across many disciplines and is an expert Ezine author.

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