Agency hope to lift spirits of man with autism this Christmas – w/video

Laulima, HI – A 43 year old man with autism who lived on the streets for over two decades is now living independently through the support of a local social services agency.

The individual, who was given up as an infant and raised in foster care homes, had resorted to living on the street for more than 20 years. As a result of his difficult upbringing and disorder, he did not possess the social and life skills needed to live on his own until the agency stepped in three years ago.

Today, he has learned valuable life skills yet continues to find it challenging to develop and sustain new friendships with others. As with many people on the spectrum, deficits in communication and restricted interests often cause those with autism to have difficulty interacting with their peers which results in isolation and loneliness.

Case managers at the agency have revealed that with the holidays approaching, the man is more keenly aware of the fact that he lacks friends and family to celebrate the Christmas season with. However, they have noted that the public can lend their support and lift his spirits by simply sending the man a card or athletic shoes as he enjoys taking daily 12 mile walks.

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Source: khon2 website: Laulima: Man with autism lives alone