3000 Students With autism have no option but public school system in Western Australia

australia mapWestern Australia  – Across the country, Western Australia, is the only major state in the country without and autistic specified school. With an ever rising population of children diagnosed on the autism spectrum this has become a problem.

The Education Department insists mainstream schools are “the best way for students with autism to reach their potential“. Education Department statewide services assistant executive director Martin Clery said,

“We continue to believe the best way for students with autism to reach their potential is to mix with other students in mainstream schools, with additional support provided when required.”

Pat Bryce, President of the State School Teachers Union in Washington, brought forth the struggle teachers are having with the increasing number of autistic  children in their classrooms.

She was quoted as saying,

“Having a child with autism in a mainstream class can mean other children do not get the same amount of attention, however it does not generally have a negative effect on the behaviour of the other children.”

Under a new student-centered funding model which will begin next school year in Washington schools will funding for each child with a disability. Presently students with autism are receiving some extra support in the primary and secondary levels.

The original story in the Perth Now News can be read here.