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Althea is a journalist from the Philippines. She has been writing articles, journals, reviews, and Op-Eds for nearly two decades. She is also a contributor for Poptard Magazine.

Number of children with on with ASD up in British Columbia

Vancouver, Canada — The number of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in the Canadian British Columbia has multiplied over the years, despite the fact the number of gifted children in the province has decreased considerably. According to figures published by the Vancouver Sun, the number of children with autism in B.C. is now at […]

Child with autism told he can start going to school after funding dispute was resolved

Edmonton, Canada — A child with autism who was caught in a crossfire between two school districts and his mother over funding for his schooling has been told he can now start going to school. Simon Wray is set to start seventh grade this year, but the predicament he suddenly found himself in almost prevented […]

Stanford researchers hope to treat autism with Google Glass

Stanford, Calif. — A team of researchers at the Stanford School of Medicine’s Wall Lab led by Nick Haber and Catalin Voss are working on an ambitious project — treating autism with the use of Google Glass. The project, called ‘The Autism Glass Project,’ will help children with autism recognize facial expressions of people surrounding […]

Researchers hope to revolutionize autism diagnosis through Autism & Beyond app

New York — A team of researchers from Duke are hoping to revolutionize how autism is diagnosed in young children through an iPhone app called ‘Autism & Beyond’. The researchers are working closely with Apple in hopes of improving how autism is diagnosed in children today. Due to the surge of the number of children […]

Research says learning by repetition hinders learning in children with autism

Pittsburgh — A study recently published in the journal Nature Neuroscience found that training children with autism through repetition actually hinders them from learning. According to the study, training by repetition causes hyper specificity and impedes the ability of children with autism to apply what they learned to a different context other than the specific […]

Autistic child wanders from school unnoticed then found and handcuffed. Apology isn’t enough w/video

Jacksonville, Fla. — Duval School District officials apologized after an 11-year-old girl with autism was found wandering off campus for hours. Shelby Hahn was found roaming around city streets about two miles from Lakeshore Middle School where she reportedly slipped through an unlock gate while her physical education class was ongoing. She was found by […]

University offers autism transition program for college students with autism

Charleston, Ill. — The Eastern Illinois University Autism Center has recently started the Students with Autism Transitional Education Program (STEP) to help individuals with autism transition into college smoothly. Most students on the (correction) autism spectrum are often overwhelmed by drastic changes that comes with college life— and university officials at the Eastern Illinois University Autism […]

Mother set to run 120 miles for Autism Society of Heartland, Kansas

Leawood, Mo. — A mother of a 12-year-old with autism has started a 120-mile run for the benefit of the Autism Society of Heartland in Knasas Sydney Sorkin wants to raise money for the organization to help them give out free swimming lessons to children with autism. Sorkin’s desire to help Autism Society of Heartland […]

JetBlue Airways conducts “Blue Horizons for Autism” Program for children with autism at Orlando International Airport

Orlando — JetBlue Airways and Orlando International airport recently conducted a program to help children with autism familiarize themselves with the process of flying, but without having to actually take off. This is part of the Wings for Autism nation wide program that Autism Daily Newscast has reported in the past.  JetBlue and airport officials organized […]

Author Steve Silberman pushes for change in how people see autism

San Francisco — U.S. Journalist and Author Steve Silberman wants to change how the world sees people with autism. Silberman, whose book ‘Neurotribes’ made it to the Samuel Johnson Prize 2015 longlist, wants everyone to stop seeing autism spectrum disorder merely as a disability. ‘Neurotribes’ was first intended to be a book about the autism […]