Whiteboard Animation Software Revolutionizes Learning For Special Needs Autism Students

esprovertical_160x578Autism Daily Newscast (ADN) is pleased to announce their collaboration with with Easy Sketch Pro to bring their unique Easy Sketch Pro School Edition to classrooms with SEN (Special Education Needs) and Autistic students. ADN is looking for teachers with SEN students and schools for autistic students to experiment with a full version for a 14 day free trial and give feedback on what modifications might be needed in the content.

Autism Daily Newscast will work directly with the sales and technical staff at Easy Sketch Pro to take the input from SEN teachers and educations and then modify and / or develop additional images or modules that students on the spectrum may need.

Easy Sketch Pro School  Edition is software for students to use at home or school for class projects instead of PowerPoint using whiteboard animation technology. It works on all pc’s and macs and can be accessed from school or home. All curriculum and levels are included in various modules so teachers can “pick and choose” what they specifically need for their classroom.

A variety of SEN teachers and schools are needed to ensure the best input. Then the specializing of modules for the various classrooms can begin to ensure that SEN teachers  unique concerns are addressed. There will be NO additional developmental costs for creating modules specific to curriculum involving special needs and autistic children. Current cost for Easy Sketch Pro School Edition works out to less than $10 per student per year.

Paul Lynch, co-creator of Easy Sketch Pro 3 has stated,

“Each software is totally customized to on a one-to-one basis by ourselves and the particular school. Each version will not be the same as another school because we work on the telephone to get a deep understanding of what topics and subjects you want to use the software for as the software is limitless…. The software has everything and more than you will ever need.”

Roberta Hill, Publisher of Autism Daily Newscast says,

“My passion is special needs – specifically autism.  One of the biggest challenges for students with ASD is communication skills.  They are predominantly visual learners – they see in pictures and have difficulty in reading social cues. This could be amazingly helpful for them.”

“Temple Grandin, author of  Thinking In Pictures: My Life With Autism, has said, ‘I’m a visual thinker, not a language-based thinker. My brain is like Google Images.’ I can’t imagine a better explanation about how this software can revolutionize learning for some autistic students. This is about making a real difference in children who are often at a disadvantage from their peers.”

Teacher’s all over the world are reporting similar enthusiasm:

“This is great and will certainly engage students, not just in their learning but also in being creative and producers of their own content. As an educator I believe this will be a goer in schools and love the opportunity to connect and then demonstrate and share.”

To find out more and how to get involved watch this video


Or Register Directly go to: http://asdigest.com/esp


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