Vancouver bikers set to ride across Canada to raise awareness for autism



Vancouver, Canada – Two local organizations have teamed up to embark on a cross-country motorcycle ride in order to raise both awareness and funding for autism.

With a motley crew of axe-throwers, tattoo artists and Harley Davidson motorcycle enthusiasts involved, the long distance bike ride will begin in Vancouver and culminate in Newfoundland over a period of approximately three weeks.

Based on a philosophy espoused by organizers to “look bad, do good”, the goal is to raise money to both create awareness and donate proceeds to a behavioural center in the Okanagan Valley.

With rising rates of autism throughout Canada and British Columbia and Ontario lagging behind other provinces regarding autism services available, organizers James Baker and Arron Thomas saw the need to use their mutual interest in riding motorcycles to address the issue. Thomas asserts:

“It’s not just children. Autism doesn’t go away when you’re 20.”

Hence, Baker of Biker for Autism, and Thomas of Sailor Jerry’s came up with what they admit was initially conceived as a “grassroots first ride.”

It has now evolved into a ride that will include 11 stops with 4-5 core participants in addition to bikers along the route who have been encouraged to come and go throughout it.

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The original article by Stefania Seccia can be read on Metro News here.