University of California launch project to bring autism researchers together

Davis, CA – The University of California has launched an ambitious project that aims to bring autism researchers and different resources to work together. The project, which will last for 18 months, was launched Aug. 14 through a summit at the University of California Davis MIND Institute.

Around 50 autism researchers from the University of California’s ten campuses; including the ones in Los Angeles, Davis, San Francisco, Irvine and San Diego, took part in the event held last month. The project hopes to achieve significant breakthrough in the study of autism through the sharing of information from dozens of autism researchers and different resources of the University of California campuses from all over the state.

Although there will be known barriers to the collaboration of the University of California campuses for this particular project, researchers remain optimistic that a significant achievement will come out of the project. Even though the group is hindered by several factors including geographic barriers, researchers believe that pooling resources alone can be a significant milestone towards future developments in the study of autism.

Massive long-term researches of environmental factors that contribute to autism in the University of California Davis campus, together with a platform for drug discovery in the university’s Irvine campus, as well as the Los Angeles campus’ extensive connections to the country’s second largest school district, the San Diego campus’ stem cell repository and a thousand computers solely dedicated to the analysis of genomes that could store up to half a petabyte of information in San Francisco, are just some of the resources the campuses intend to share with each other to achieve greater results in the study of autism.

Thousands have so far joined the registries for the university’s massive effort to push the study of autism to another level.

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Contributed by Althea Estrella Violeta