Teen with autism starts his own art business

Milwaukee — A young boy with autism started his very own business out of something that he loves doing— at the tender age of 13.

Malachi Schmidt was diagnosed with autism when he was just three years old. Not long after that, his mother, Nina, discovered that painting and drawing had therapeutic effects on him. She told:

“I started to push him in the direction of art after I saw the power it had to calm him and help him communicate.”

Nina tells that at the age of five he,”was still almost non-verbal, and was easily frustrated.”

Nina, who is also an artist herself, helped when he decided to start his own art business. He started creating his very own original pieces and started selling them for $5 a piece. Nina told:

“So far he has been drawing and painting for friends and family we know, and recently he asked if I would help him find a way to reach more people with his art, so I posted information and photos of his work on my Facebook page.”

Nina explains that her son can draw anything from, “replicas of his favorite artist Van Gogh, to super heroes, animals or scenery.”

Malachi received more than a dozen orders so far.

Not too long ago, however, both Malachi and his mother stopped creating art after his grandfather passed away. But after finally being able to pick up the pieces, both mother and son have rekindled their love for art. According to Nina her son does not feel sad wjen he draws. It gives him confidence and purpose:

“Seeing him rekindle his love for art has given him a reason to focus on something he can do, something positive and good.”

Malachi feels a sense of purpose and fulfillment through his art, and he is hoping that someday, he could do it for a living. His mother told:

“He is concerned about what he will do as an adult, how he will support himself, and how he fits into society.”

Source:Molly Shyder: OnMilwaukee.com: Talented teen makes peace with autism through art