Study finds that adults with autism at risk of having multiple health problems

ResearchAutism Research Program of Kaiser Permanente Northern California – This new study finds that adults with autism are at a higher risk from additional health problems which depression, obesity and high blood pressure.

The study is to be presented in Atlanta at the International Meeting for Autism.

Program director and study leader author Lisa Croen says in the Teach Times article:

“Doctors caring for adults need to be aware that adults have autism and an adult with autism could be walking through their door.”

The researchers analysed the medical records of 2,100 adults on the autism spectrum.

U.S. government’s statistics suggest 1 in 68 U.S. children have some form of autism spectrum disorder.

Researchers found from the study that adults with autism were less likely than other people to consume alcohol or indulge in smoking.

The original article by Jim Algar on the Teach Times website can be read here