March 17, 2015

For me it seems logical, like the spreading of genes apart to create diversity in the world, that neurodiversity is simply part of that concept.

Why is it important in most species to have genetic diversity? Well in accordance of what I learned in my A-level Biology, I would say it is to create a large pool of genes so as a species may have a better chance of survival. Along with this I would say it also gives the “better” or more surviving genes a chance to grow and evolve accordingly.

So with autism are people saying that these genes are not “better”?

In all natural selection and evolution the better genes prevail. They create the strength for a species to be successful in terms of survival. It is pretty clear that human beings have been pretty successful thus far.

But because of our continued research into the human mind and how it works we are beginning to understand how those with autism have brains that function in a different way. Perception is a very interesting thing; the senses feed raw data to the brain and what the brain does with that information is down to each individual brain’s preference.

They say there is a higher rate of autism today which, in my opinion, is not true. Yes, we seem to have a better grasp on what it looks like, but in truth it is still very misunderstood and processes for diagnosing are still severely flawed.

So what has autism done for us as a human race?

I would answer – Everything.

When looking at all inventions, science, literature, music, and art and just about anything else that is interesting around us, there is always an autistic link.

Autism is all around us and we come across it all the time in our day to day lives. From the music you are listening to on the radio on your way to work, to the devices you use during your day, ending with the people on the television or devices you use to entertain yourself at night. There is no escaping the prevalence of autism on our human lives.

Why would people want to “cure” this?

I have no idea, and the thought that people would want to get rid of essentially what makes our lives interesting is insane.

Yes, there are down sides. Struggling with neurotypical social situations is not fun. Sensory overloads are not fun. But, in essence, they are not deal breakers for the amazing work that can be done.

We were always told that everyone can do something. Not everyone can do everything. You need the different types of minds so that the world can be seen from every angle.

I am proud to have an autistic mind, along with my kids. And I hope they and I can make a difference to this world to better it further.

JanineKockAbout Janine Kock

Janine Kock is a mother of two children on the autistic spectrum as well as being autistic herself. Currently living in Maidstone UK and studying a degree in psychology hoping to become an educational psychologist specialising in autism spectrum disorders.


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