Press Release – Jess Parrish Medical Foundation Awards $5000.00 Grant to Archaeologists for Autism

ArcheologistsArchaeologists for Autism is pleased to announce that it received a grant on April 14th from the Jess Parrish Medical Foundation to help bring to reality our next Archaeologists for Autism event scheduled for October of this year.

The grant will help provide a great experience for many local children living with Autism along the Space Coast. The award from the Jess Parrish Medical Foundation will be used to purchase equipment and supplies needed for the activities. There are many challenges is making this a successful day and this gracious grant allows us to cover operating costs, provide a lunch and goodie bags items for each of the participants.

“Our focus is to provide children on the autism spectrum disorder & their families a chance to experience archaeology in a fun, low stress environment“ added founder and father of an Autistic child, Thomas Penders. “We are extremely grateful to receive this grant and to continue with our mission to make this a great day.”

About Archaeologists for Autism

The Archaeologists for Autism mission is to unlock the potential of children with developmental disabilities. We aim to provide children with autism spectrum disorders and their families a chance to experience archaeology in a fun, low stress environment.

At our Archeologists for Autism event, children on the autism spectrum and their families will be walking the grounds of an actual archaeological site and be able to enjoy a wide range of activities related to archaeology and paleontology, live music, face painting, and much more. Participants will be able to use social skills, and use various functional skills, all while having fun!

Archaeologists for Autism is an all – volunteer non – profit 501(C)(3) organization who is 100 percent dependent on donations.

All contributions go directly to running the event for the children and our operating costs.

The Archeologists for Autism website can be found here