Press Release – Autism talent discovery is now available and you can donate to facilitate its development

image taken from the Talent discovery games for autistic children Kritikalmass page

image taken from the Talent discovery games for autistic children Kriticalmass page

London –, the online video game that develops the strengths and talents of those with autism is now available as a prototype. Following its initial success, is now crowdfunding on to develop a collection of games. The collection will cover a wide spectrum of autistic savant skills such as visual analytic skills, understanding of mechanical systems, memory and systematic thinking. is a first-of-its-kind tool that enable parents to work on their autistic child’s strengths. Autistic talents have been neglected by most autism interventions and therapies even though leading autism advocates such as Dr. Temple Grandin claim that

“Parents get so worried about the deficits that they don’t build up the strengths, but those skills could turn into a job”.

The prototype includes two games. Blocks, an advanced puzzle game that builds on the autistic talent in visual thinking. The other game, Gears is about understanding a clockwork-like mechanical systems, also a potential autistic strength area. Both skills are vital in the field of engineering.

The game prototypes also feature a finely tuned autism friendly user interface and gameplay. The design is highly structured and predictable, enabling the players to focus exclusively on the task. It provides a rewarding and relaxing gaming experience, in which school-aged children with autism can experience their strong side and succeed. aims to have a working product available by Christmas this year. You can support the development of the product by pre-ordering the games at

About is a Budapest based startup that develops talent discovery and development video games for children with autism. The three co-founders are: Samuel Toth, software and game design; Ognjen Bubalo, software development; Zsombor Varnagy-Toth, psychology and autism research. Auti-mate was selected among the 15 finalists of the Social Innovation Tournament of the European Bank out of 173 participants.

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The Crowd Funding campaign Talent discovery games for autistic children can be found here