Press Release – The app DayCape is finally available on the App store!

DayCapesmallDayCape (previously known as Snailday) is an app that mostly helps children on the autistic spectrum to manage their daily structure and routine.

The app during the summer has only been available for a certain test group to make sure that it’s really helpful. But after the feedback from the summer test users, the DayCape team decided to launch the app on the App store. It’s still a beta app, but it’s free for a limited time and is really useful.

Watch the video below to learn more:

DayCape from DayCape on Vimeo.

The app comes with a planning website for the person helping with the daily planning. So the first step to get started is to create a new account and connect it to the app.

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Get the app:

However because it’s beta it can be a bit tricky to understand how to get started with the app. So therefore DayCape encourage people that get into trouble with the app, to directly contact them. Anton the founder at DayCape is very happy to help out with any questions.

Contact Anton at: or

You can read more about how to get started on our How to page.

Anton Håkanson

Anton Håkanson

Anton tells:

“After a great deal of conversations both with parents, teachers and children with autism, we feel likethe DayCape app really fills a great purpose.

The feedback we gain is that the app makes the day feel easier and less stressful. when all the daily routines are in the app. It´s much easier to have a app so everyone in a family or school can see and prepare themselves for the next routines. We also gain a great deal of feedback regarding functionality that we could add. One of my favourite is from Love (11 year) and Vendela (12 year) that suggested to have their own figures helping them display the time. For example Love wants to have a Pony running while the time in the app is displayed.”

DayCape also made a name change from Snailday with the new vision “Make autism a superpower”. With this we want to say that with the right support we believe we can help autistic children to discover their skills and superpowers

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As a last mention DayCape would like to encourage the autistic community to come with feedback on how the app and website could evolve. We have a great deal of ideas on functionality but with your ideas and thoughts we could make it even better

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