Pirelli World Challenge Racer Jason Cherry races for autism

10173822_1432216990370223_1810372086847834982_nAnnapolis, MD – Famed Mazda motorspeed and Pirelli World Challenge Racer Jason Cherry has partnered with the Autism Society of America (ASA) to help families with autism.

The inspiration for his autism advocacy comes from his brother on the spectrum who he described in his blog post on racer.com as “multiply-complex.”

“As the younger sibling of a multiply-complex brother on the autism spectrum, my entire early childhood consisted of family challenges that at times seemed fearful and beyond overwhelming….As I grew older, I developed compassion not only for him but for all individuals with special needs. My mother had always told me throughout these difficult times that one day I would understand better and become a great advocate for people with disabilities. Well, one day is here.”

With the money he plans to raise with his crowdfunding campaign the ASA/Jason Cherry Racing Fund, he will create three distinct programs. One will be a scholarship program to ensure siblings of people on the spectrum will get an education. Another will fund relief services for families, and the third will be an online support forum where siblings of those on the spectrum can get together and connect.

To learn more about the crowdfunding campaign please click here

The original post by Jason Cherry on the racer.com website can be read here