Petition Update – Bring Stephen home

from twitter

from twitter

Islington, UKBring my son Stephen home & care for him in our community #bringstephenhome – Back in January we reported on the case of Stephen Andrade, a young man with severe autism, who after a long stay in a psychiatric unit at St Andrew’s Hospital, Northampton, 60 miles away from his family home, was transferred to a specialist autism unit situated within a secure hospital in Colchester. The news story can be read here.

We were deeply upset to find out from the petition’s update posted June 8, that Stephen has been the victim of an alleged assault. Leo Andrade Martinez, Stephen’s mother posted:

“He has haematomas that looked like someone kicked him. It was horrendously shocking for me to see. I took photos. I can’t post them yet as things haven’t been investigated waiting to hear, did not go to police as courtesy to social worker who is a lovely person, he says procedures need to be followed it, I respect his views, however it’s not his son or all the other people involved who has horrendous bruises, my son asked me to take him to toilet, he undressed all down he can’t tell me what happened so what I think is it’s his way of telling me someone hurts him… “

Leo then tells that she asked for an emergency meeting involving all of the relevant agencies.

She further adds:

“It’s been 2 half years of hell my baby lost two stones he can barely stand up, yes he is happier than he was at St. Andrews, but my horrible experience dealing with this systematic system is that my son and so many other like him, are in grave danger, so I am asking every one please sign this. And help me get the system to change help me by telling governments and social services and housing to help me with a better home and bigger home so I can bring my son home.”

Leo tells that this, “systematic abuse of our most vulnerable most stop.” Then in a further update, posted June 10, Leo states that she has now made a police report and that the police now have photographic evidence of Stephen’s injuries.

Leo Andrade Martinez’s petition can be found at

You can support Leo in her campaign on twitter by using the hashtag #bringstephenhome