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April 7, 2015

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Earlier this year, a  study carried out by researchers at the University of Missouri confirmed what many parents have known for years – pets can help those children on the autism spectrum with social skills as well as helping with assertiveness.

Science has proven that interacting with animals especially pets can have a deep impact on the physical betterment of human beings. Animals have been known to help in the lowering of blood pressure and cholesterol and are also effective in reducing tension and stress and also help to avoid conditions like depression.

Over the past couple of years, Autism Daily Newscast has reported on various animals that have provided comfort and therapy for those with autism including:

It is the use of dogs that are specially trained to work with autistic children that is a particularly in demand. The training is expensive and the list of those families hoping to find the perfect match for their autistic child is growing.

Autism Daily Newscast has been dismayed to receive information via our Twitter and Facebook site on stories regarding non reputable businesses reporting to provide trained service dogs. For this reason, we decided to do a short series this week on services dogs.  This is a global issue and it is important that everyone be informed of what to consider when thinking about purchasing a service dog.

We kick off the posts with an valuable overview by Dawn Marcotte on seven tips for getting a service dog.  Lindsay Evans shares her own personal “horror story” with our readers. We recommend a page on her blog with additional advice on what to look out for in organizations that provide service dogs. Throughout our series we share good news stories as well as warnings from the United States, Canada, Australia and the UK.

When Autism Daily Newscast started to look for stories, we hadn’t even imagined the following…. people are now buying “fake” vests for their dogs to that they can take them places where non service dogs are not allowed.  Are you as outraged as us?  Read later this week what one government is proposing to stop this abuse.

Autism Daily Newscast welcomes your comments and stories below in the comment section. Let’s make sure scams are identified early to prevent more families from loosing money and time in getting pet therapies for their children.

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