Patterns for Success: #HighFunctioningMeans Career Challenges

Career SuccessFor those of you who are active on Twitter, you may have witnessed an uprising of tweets from actually autistic people over the last week with three very poignant hashtags:

The gist of this movement was to express the damage that functioning labels have done to many autistic people in setting certain expectations of ability or limitations that have, by and large, done a disservice to those who carry them.

For this article, we’re going to focus on the high functioning contingent because a number of the tweets were cathartic expressions of frustration with career-related issues. Rather than opine from my own perspective, I’ll give you some highlights right from the source, without further narrative. This is, I think, more powerful than anything one writer can or should try to digest for you, the reader.

This, my friends is a mere sampling of the outpouring of life experiences and frustrations. And mind you, I’ve only selected some of the career-oriented highlights. I encourage you to follow the #HighFunctioningMeans hashtag and drink from the firehose so to speak. And, if you feel so moved, contribute your own thoughts and experiences.

And may success be yours!