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August 18, 2016

image taken from Facebook
image taken from Facebook

Kannapolis, N.C. — A local company decided to hire individuals with autism and discovered that they are perfect for the job.

BlueJ Ecofriendly Small Office Cleaning owner Janet Schultz has had problems hiring employees that have what it takes for the services that her company offers. Finding workers who are keen on details and are happy with routines was hard, but being a former special education teacher herself, Schultz realized that she knows who would possess these skill sets that are perfect for the jobs at her company.

She decided to reach out to non-profit organization Autism Speaks for guidance.

At first, she hired one worker. And then another, and now she has three workers with autism who are exceptionally good at their jobs. She told:

“It’s just an opportunity and if they capitalize on the opportunity then we help them to develop their skills and their strengths.”

Before the workers were hired at BlueJ, finding work was a difficult struggle for them. Schultz’s company, however, is proof that individuals on the spectrum can be exceptionally good at their jobs. Autism Speaks strives to find employment for individuals with autism, and Schultz say she is willing to help companies that want to follow suit. She told:

“We create an actual environment in which they can work on the challenges they face head on,” said Schultz. “Every time they have risen to the occasion.”

Source: Jamie Boll: WBTV: Local company finds autism really works

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