New study researches autism’s connection with epilepsy

Veracruz, Mexico – Doctoral student in Brain Research of the University of Veracruz, Angel Alberto Puig Lagunes is studying the relationship between autism spectrum disorder and epilepsy. World wide 20-30 percent of those on the spectrum also have some form of epilepsy.

The study researched neurotransmitters and receptors amounts that may lead to seizures.

Angel Pui, who took the lead on the study told Medical Xpress that if they are able to find out what happens in the brains of rats within the lab then they will be able to 

“generate new insights into the characteristics that patients with ASD present that make them more susceptible to having seizures and may in the future provide new drugs or non-pharmacological interventions treatments for such illness.”

In another part of the study Puig and her team examined seizures with the drug  pentylenetetrazol and an anticonvulsant valproic acid by injecting them into the fetuses of rats. Other research has shown that when pregnant women are exposed to these drugs their children are more likely to be on the spectrum and Puig hopes that by studying the affects in rats they’ll better understand what happens to brains with autism.

Source: Medical Xpress:Discovering the relationship between autism and epilepsy