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April 19, 2015

Ottawa, Canada — A man with autism who lost his job when Target was forced to closed down 133 of its stores found a new job despite his worries that he might not find another one due to his developmental disability.

James Pelletier, a 25-year-old who describes himself as high-functioning, landed a new job at the Loblaws Supermarket in Bell Corners (a suburb of Ottawa).

Loblaws’ store manager, Doug Hatoum, points out that Pelletier wasn’t hired by the store through any special program for people with disabilities. He said:

“We hire based on who’s right for the job, and James was right for the job.”

According to Hatoum, Pelletier’s work ethic is exceptional. He continues:

“He’s task-oriented and doesn’t stop until the job is done.”

Pelletier, who is currently working at the store part-time with 18-24 of work hours per week, said he hopes that he’ll soon be able to work full-time at Loblaws’. His store manager says it’s definitely a possibility.

Pelletieris currently living with his parents, who are both unable to work and rely only on a long-term disability payment from their previous employer, as well as their federal and provincial disability support programs. Pelletier’s earnings from his work at Loblaws’ allow him to help support them.

Source: Matthew Pearson on the Ottawa Citizen website: Life after Target: James and his new job (with video)

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