Local coffee business in Raleigh employs adults with autism

oakcityroastersRaleigh, North Carolina: Oak City Coffee Roasters employs adults with autism is about to launch their new K-cup version of coffee. Three people with autism will work with owner Bill Landahl to create his new coffee product. He says.

“I always wanted to create a place in the world for people with special needs.”

He had met with a colleague for lunch who brought his young son with autism along.  Since that day he has tried to come up with an idea that will provide permanent and meaningful work for adults with autism.

His dream in life is about to come true along with three adults with autism. The three adults with autism will fill some pretty big shoes in their work.  One will fill the K-cups with a certain amount of ground coffee. Another will operate a machine that will put the lid on the K-cup.  A third will take the lidded cup and put it into packaging.

These employees with autism will be helping Bill Landahl launch his new product as well as receive a paycheck! Oak City Coffee Roasters employs adults with autism while breaking new ground in two areas. One the new K-cup version of his coffee.  The other being the move toward the future in hiring staff with special needs especially autism.

For more information on hours and services of Oak City Coffee Roasters visit their site here.

You can read the full article by Kareema Charles on the NewsObserver.com web site here.