March 15, 2017

ASD Kevin 1We have reported several times about Kevin Healey, a leading autism campaigner who is fighting for laws to protect autistic individuals from cyber bullying and online hate crimes. He has successfully implemented a ten minute bill which will be happening at the end of this month in Parliament with regards to this matter.

In August Mr Healey made the decision to suspend his account for three days while twitter investigated abusive tweets made from an impersonation account. Mr Healey at the time issued a statement via his anti –bullying website.

“I’m so sorry at this present time. I feel that I’m unable to use twitter in a safe environment”

It has come to the attention of Autism Daily Newscast that once again Mr Healey has been the victim of vile impersonation accounts that are offensive and demeaning to his character. They are so offensive that we are unable to repeat what was tweeted.

Mr Healey emailed and tweeted, Tony Wang, General Manger of twitter UK and Bruce Daisley MD of twitter UK regarding this issue.

Bruce Daisley did offer support and tweeted,

“very happy to help with impersonation issue Kevin. Here is where you do this …”

But then later added,

“I can’t personally help and tweeting me sadly won’t hasten the process. The form will connect you directly w/ the team on this”

Mr Healey responded with

“as the MD of twitter UK you have failed me in every way no support at all”

Mr Healey then issued the following statement on his website,

“My email to twitter and Staffordshire police hate crime impersonation
As your head of twitter UK you have a responsibility on TOS as they are been breached still, I’m still having impersonation I’m autistic and a campaigner, author, I’m been impersonated over the last 7 months now and this is still going on? I’ve had no support or help from twitter when I report them they just set up another account, I’ve asked for my account to be verified several times now and this still has not happened this is a hate crime to my disability, you have a responsibility and I’m not been protected at all by twitter UK
Please verify my account and resolve this and remove impersonations of me!
CC Staffordshire police”

What has happened to Mr Healey on twitter is what he is tirelessly campaigning against, the victimisation of individuals who are autistic, disabled and vulnerable to this kind of online hate crime. He also believes that if his account was verified then this would stop many impersonation accounts.

At one point Mr Healey shared that he felt like deactivating his account although he has 150,000 followers. He tweeted

“really need to deactivate account!”

However Mr Healey decided not to do so. His final words being,

“I’m a fighter won’t give in or give up”

Mr. Healy started a petition yesterday which can be found by going to:

You can follow Kevin Healey on twitter

About the author 

Jo Worgan

Jo Worgan is a published author, writer and blogger. She has a degree in English Literature. She writes about life with her youngest son who is on the autistic spectrum. Jo tweets (@mummyworgan) and is also a freelance columnist for the Lancaster Guardian. ‘My Life with Tom, Living With Autism‘ is her second book and a culmination of her blog posts, and available on Kindle now, along with her first book, Life on the Spectrum. The Preschool years.

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