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February 14, 2015

Keith Duffy taken from Facebook
Keith Duffy taken from Facebook

Ireland – Former Coronation Street star and member of the band Boyzone, Keith Duffy has announced that he will be stepping down from his position as Patron of the charity, Irish Autism Action (IAA).

Mr Duffy has helped raise over €8m for IAA as well as much needed awareness during his decade working with the charity.

Mr Duffy told that this is to concentrate on his family and career. His daughter Mia, now aged 14, was diagnosed with autism aged 18 months old.

The CEO of IAA, Kevin Whelan,paid tribute to Mr Duffy stating that the charity would not be in the place that they are today, “without his stellar campaigning for IAA.”  Mr Whelan further added.

“Awareness drives understanding which in turn drives action. Keith has been key in creating the awareness through his extensive, very personal interviews relating to his family’s journey with autism,”

Mr Duffy was also instrumental in helping to create autism friendly pre-school settings by launching a partnership between the IAA and Early Childhood Ireland.

Although he has stepped down from his role of Patron, Mr Duffy will still be actively involved in  National Pyjama Day on March 6.

Source: The Irish Herald: Keith Duffy to step down as patron of autism after helping to raise €8m

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