April 12, 2015

Image taken from The Jamaica Autism Support Association Facebook page
Image taken from The Jamaica Autism Support Association Facebook page

Jamaica, WI – The Jamaica Autism Support Association (JASA) is a support group that provides families of those with autism with a valuable resource, enabling them to not only gain access to information but receive critical emotional support as well.

Both parents and grandparents attend the meetings  with many choosing to participate in them in hopes of having the opportunity to commiserate with others who have been impacted by the disorder. Those who attend reveal that it provides them with a caring environment within which they can talk, laugh, cry, air their frustrations and generally support one another.
As a result, the loved ones and caretakers of children and adults with ASD are less likely to feel alone, knowing that other participants will not only understand, but will offer tips and advice as well. However despite the obvious benefit of the group, the government has not been providing funding both for it and various treatment programs needed to help those in the country who are on the spectrum.
Regardless of the lack of government support, health experts  ultimately agree that parents throughout the country should have their child assessed in order to take advantage of early intervention therapies that can greatly improve a youngster’s prognosis both in the short and long run.
Source: All Woman on the Jamaica Observer: Critical autism support

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