September 9, 2014

auticon consultant Marko Riegel at his workstation in auticon’s Berlin office (Photo: Björn Wiedenroth/auticon)
auticon consultant Marko Riegel at his workstation in auticon’s Berlin office (Photo: Björn Wiedenroth/auticon)

Berlin/Hamburg – Recruitment process has started / Businesses wanted for project collaborations.

As of September, Germany’s first enterprise to exclusively employ consultants on the autism spectrum in the field of IT quality management will be represented in Hamburg. Local businesses can as of now request support for their software development projects and the recruitment process of autistic consultants has begun.

Following Berlin, Munich, Dusseldorf, Stuttgart and Frankfurt, auticon now looks to increase employment opportunities for individuals on the autism spectrum in the Hamburg area. auticon will move into its offices near Georgsplatz in the Hamburger city centre on the 1st of September 2014. First contacts to businesses in Hamburg have been established and applications are open to jobseekers on the autism spectrum.

auticon currently employs 53 members of staff across Germany, 33 of which are on the autism spectrum. Founder and managing director Dirk Müller-Remus, father of a son on the autism spectrum:

‘We are confident that the particular strengths and talents of our employees have a huge potential on the mainstream labour market. We are not looking for charitable acts. We know that our consultants have extraordinary skills that enable them to lead financially independent lives. auticon offers adults with autism, many of whom have difficulties accessing the mainstream labour market, a successful and rewarding career. We are a commercial enterprise with social standards.’

auticon IT consultants are offered permanent contracts at competitive salaries.

‘Our consultants have exceptional analytical abilities and are able to spot errors very quickly’, explains Müller-Remus. ‘Challenges lie in the area of social communication. This is the main reason a mere 5 to 10% of Germans on the autism spectrum are able to secure jobs within the mainstream labour market. We want to change that.’ auction employs specially trained job coaches providing an interface between consultants and external clients, and offering support in terms of communication and workplace adjustments. auticon job coaches are careful to remain in the background.‘As little support as possible, but as much as needed’ points out Müller-Remus. ‘Our job coaches only get involved if necessary in order to facilitate our consultant’s independence as well as smooth project processes for our clients.

aution’s Hamburg branch will be headed by Bernd Günter who offers comprehensive experience in the field of IT management. ‘Hamburg and its surroundings have been renowned as a fruitful ground for IT and media businesses for many years now. More than 10.000 IT firms including approximately 3.000 specialising in the field of software development are located in this area. We particularly address organisations that develop software and applications for internal processes or external clients, and ideally already distinguish between development and quality assurance. Trading firms, industrial enterprises, public bodies and many other sectors depend on complex individualistic software and its related processes. There is a rising demand for quality management, creating an attractive market for auticon’s services’, says Bernd Günter. auticon’s existing branches already collaborate with a range of high profile companies including Vodafone, Rohde & Schwarz, Deutsche Telekom and Bayrische Landesbank.


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