Health experts in India demand more inclusive school policies for students with autism

India – Parents of children with autism are speaking out regarding the lack of inclusive special education policies and accommodations that currently exist within the country’s school system.
Many of them including P. Malar, are often forced to bring their children to over half a dozen schools in hopes of enrolling their young ones into a mainstream educational facility. However they are often turned away after school administrators are told that the prospective student has exceptional needs and would thus require specialized accommodations in order to attend. Malar argues that she visited 10 schools before she was able to register her son in one saying of her experience:
“I would ask them to allow a ‘shadow teacher’ that I would pay for to help him, but none of them agreed to that.”
In India, many educational facilities for both primary and secondary students do not have the necessary resources to enable their children to attend mainstream schools. Conversely, some simply aren’t able to keep up with the academic curriculum which creates further obstacles with respect to learning.However Sangeetha Madhu, a clinical psychologist, argues that inclusion is important as children with ASD should  be given the opportunity to socialize with their peers which can potentially improve their overall functionality once they reach adulthood.Source: Zubeda Hamid on The Hindu:Inclusion, a myth in autism: experts