Floral shop and restaurant with employees on the autism spectrum to close and change locations

Illinois: A very well known metro-east Italian Restaurant staffed by the adult clients of the Illinois Center for Autism will no longer serve dine-in food. The restaurant will be relocated and serve only carry out and catering. The same center provides clients employment at the flower shop next door. This too will be moving.

The Illinois Center for Autism Director of Communication and Development, Rachel Newsome has stated this is done to save money and no one will lose their job. She realizes the importance this program and its clients. The clients have a sense of independence earning a paycheck each week. They build valuable relationships with their customers which provides a good reason to want to go to work.

The Pasta Fore Restaurant and Petals Remembers have been in operation since 1992 and 2003 in the same location. Closing the doors in this location on June 27th will provide cost saving benefits and a little change in the operation of both businesses. Newsome says,

“We hope to gain more clients. We hope to grow the adult program and make it better and more cost-effective for us.”

Flower arrangements will now be created at the Autism Center at Belleville. Pasta Fare will have its own kitchen and the storefront will serve both. The restaurant will no longer accommodate in-restaurant dining. One will still be able to order your lunch for carryout and arrange catering services.

The full article by Will Buss can be read on the BND website here.