EnCircle Technologies offers tech training for those on the autism spectrum

EnCircleColumbia, MO – Encircle Technologies is a non profit organization started by Becky Llorens and Teri Walden. Both are parents of young adults who are on the autistic spectrum. Encircle’s mission is to provide a means  for young people on the spectrum to learn valuable computer skills which will then hopefully lead to employment.

Presently web and computer  training courses are available. Five classes are offered at the moment including, HTML/CSS 1 & 3, Adobe Photoshop and JavaScript are also taught. There are presently eight students enrolled and the cklass meets once a week.

Many people with autism have great interest in computers and through this program have shown very good focus on details. They can be extremely creative when they are using the computer and it’s a comfortable environment since they do not have to worry about social interactions. Focus is what it takes to excel at computer technology and focus is a key element in autism.

Becky Llorenssaid that they really feel like they are doing something important, adding:

 “We are teaching them and training them for job skills that they can actually get jobs with. They are marketable skills and we want to bring in and be open to as many people as possible in the midwest and mid-Missouri area.”

The EnCircle Technologies website can be found here

The original article by Vilma Obando on the KOMU.com website here