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November 13, 2014

Autism Spectrum AustraliaSydney, Australia— Autism Spectrum Australia launched a short film entitled ‘Different Brilliant’ today to celebrate and inspire deeper understanding of individuals on the autism spectrum.

Autism Spectrum Australia CEO Adrian Ford said that the film is aimed at inspiring the society to have a better appreciation of individuals in the spectrum, by letting them see their diversity in the positive way. According to Ford:

“So often wonderfully talented, brilliant people with autism spectrum disorder are overlooked by society as being odd, or quirky, or obsessive. With our a “Different Brilliant” campaign, we hope to inspire a wider understanding and respect for how people on the autism spectrum are just like you and me, in many ways, but with their own uniquely brilliant take on the world.”

“From my perspective there is still quite a lot of ignorance and a lack of understanding out there and that really needs to change,”

said Kylie Ouvrier, mother of two boys with autism who were featured in the film.

“I really want to believe that by the time my children are young adults they will be accepted just like anyone else.”

The 90-second film was shot with the help of Baz Luhrmann cinematographer Damian Wyvill, and is the second film released by Autism Spectrum Australia.

Everyone is encouraged to share the “Different Brilliant” film on the social media with the hashtag #adifferentbrilliant.

The original article in SBS  News can be read here.

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