August 19, 2015

screenshot taken from the SENSEWEAR by Caravan Vimeo video
screenshot taken from the SENSEWEAR by Caravan Vimeo video

Sensewear by Caravan clothing is specifically designed for children with autism and sensory perception difficulties. Their clothing range has an inflatable lining that provide comfort and help with sensory needs. The clothing that consists of jackets, scarves and jumpers has been designed for occupational therapy use

This specialist clothing range by Caravan founders, Emanuela Corti and Ivan Parati, won for its clothing prototype line the much coveted Design Awards.

Their clothing is made to deal with different types of sensory need.  The jacket for instance, has an inflatable lining that can be manually inflated so that the wearer can adjust the tightness level to suit their own needs.

They have also made a chewy oversized necklace that you can shake, touch or bite so as to relieve stress. The two scarves that are in the range work on the olfactory system as well as providing pressure to soothe and calm the individual.

Corti and Parati worked closely with the researchers at the Dubai Autism Center, while designing the clothes. Corti told Wired:

“Every kid reacts in a different way to the therapist, so they have to try everything with them,”

“So the idea was to give the [pieces] different interpretations.”

The below video explains more about the SENSEWEAR range of clothing for children with autism.

SENSEWEAR by Caravan from CLARKE ROMERO on Vimeo.

Source: Margaret Rhodes: Wired:  This odd looking clothing is designed to help autistic kids:

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