Autism Academy for Education & Development provides special education for individuals with autism in Phoenix area


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Phoenix — In many places, finding a school that fits the needs of a child with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) still remains a challenge. Public schools are often still not properly equipped with the tools necessary to help educate individuals on the spectrum, and special education teachers are often hard to find.

But the Autism Academy for Education & Development was launched two years ago specifically to help children with autism as well as their parents.

While most public schools are still not equipped to handle children with autism, taxpayers in Arizona have the option to divert their tax money to help send low-income children diagnosed with the developmental condition to a better-equipped private school.

And since federal law requires public schools to provide free education to state residents, schools that are not capable of handling students on the spectrum may opt to send them to better-equipped private schools or special needs schools, and shoulder the costs involved.

The Autism Academy for Education & Development is a special needs school that caters to children with autism, providing education for children in Kindergarten to 12th Grade. The school follows the educational curriculum using teaching strategies specifically tailored to meet the needs of children on the spectrum. The academy also makes it a point to maintain low student-teacher ratios to make sure that every student is given the right amount of attention that they need. The Autism Academy for Education & Development now has campuses in Tempe, Peoria, and Gilbert.

Source: Flint Stephens: Ktar News: Finding the best school for children with Autism