Cuts on autism program taking its toll on children with autism in Illinois

Springfield, Ill. — The statewide cutbacks that affect the fundings intended for The Autism Program in Illinois is taking its toll on the ones who are supposed to benefit from the program — the children with autism. The current state budget impasse in Illinois saw non-profit organizations dependent on the state funding nearly paralyzed as […]

Walk Now for Autism Speaks Raises $140,000

Manchester, N.H. — Over 900 people walked for Autism Speaks Sunday at the Southern New Hampshire University in an effort to raise funds for the organization’s projects that are geared towards autism research as well as providing numerous services to children with autism spectrum disorder, and their families. Families from both Vermont and Maine gathered […]

Study says spontaneous rare mutations in genes responsible for half of autism cases

Cold Spring Harbor, N.Y. — A team of researchers from the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in New York found a genetic analysis that supports prediction that about half of autism cases involve spontaneous rare mutations in genes— rather than several common mutations that, collectively, inflict devastating effects to an individual, as commonly believed by many. […]

CrossFit 8 Mile Hosts Lift Up Autism

Livonia, Mich. — A crossfit gym in Livonia, Mich. is hosting ‘Lift Up Autism’ to raise funds for the Roosevelt ASD program of the Roosevelt Elementary School and the national autism research. The fundraiser also hopes to help local ASD programs in the city. Couples Nick and Monica Carignan, who are co-owners at the CrossFit […]

Australia establishes first autism biobank

Brisbane, Australia — Australia has just established its first-ever large scale autism biobank. The country’s biggest autism biobank was established in hopes of helping researchers develop an earlier and more accurate diagnosis for children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Cooperative Centre for Living with Autism Chairwoman Judy Brewer said they hope to lessen the time […]

Mom teams up with bikers to raise funds for autism – w/video

Lee County, Ala. — A mother of a child with autism has been taking strides trying to raising funds in hopes of helping find a cure for autism. When Luanne Helms first found out that her son, Jake, has autism, she scoured the internet to find out everything about the developmental disorder, hoping to find […]

Junk Science Week: Robert De Niro gets Vaxxed

A documentary on the mother of all medical controversies Academy-award winner Robert De Niro and media legend Harvey Weinstein, head of Miramax, are teaming up to produce a documentary on the mother of all medical controversies: vaccines and their potential link to autism. This movie, in a way, would be a sequel to a current […]

Researchers found some monkeys possess autism-linked gene mutations

Cayo Santiago, Puerto Rico — Researchers say they have found gene mutations commonly linked to autism in monkeys that are living off the coast of Puerto Rico— in a place called Monkey Island. In a study presented at the 2015 Society for Neuroscience annual meeting recently held in Chicago, the group of researchers revealed that […]

Researchers examine brain networks responsible for attention and rewards in children with ASD

Chicago — A team of researchers from Virginia has presented a study that focused on two brain networks that are responsible for attention and awards in children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The research was done in an attempt to distinguish the differences of the developmental condition among children diagnosed with autism. The researchers focused […]

Illinois state panel wants to add autism, pain, PTSD to medical marijuana list

Springfield, Ill. — A state panel in Illinois recommended that patients with conditions such as autism, post-traumatic stress disorder, osteoarthritis, irritable bowel syndrome, and pain conditions be allowed to take medicinal marijuana. The Illinois Medical Cannabis Advisory board voted to add to the state’s existing list of ailments that may qualify patients to medicinal marijuana […]