Staying Legal – Know your Homeschool Laws

It is not unusual for parents, if they can arrange it, to want to homeschool their children. If the family includes children on the autism spectrum, looking into homeschooling could be an option. However, it is important to remain within the legal requirements of where you live. Homeschooling is legal in all 50 states of […]

TakeFIVE Initiative launches Parents Night Out

Sewickley, Pa. — The TakeFIVE Initiative of the Sewickley Valley YMCA has recently announced it will be having Parents Night Out activities every other Friday for the month of September. Parents Night Out is designed to help parents caring for children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) get a time off once in a while from […]

‘Autism epidemic’ in Silicon Valley: Looking back

San Francisco — It was 15 years ago when Wired journalist Steve Silberman wrote about a supposed ‘autism epidemic’ in Silicon Valley. What drove Silberman to write about the supposed epidemic was an encounter with a total stranger in a local cafe— who overheard him talk to his friend about a couple he knew whose […]

Update – Boy with autism who was locked in cage at ACT Government school, Principal loses job

Canberra, Australia – In March this year a young boy who is on the autistic spectrum was put into a metal cage at his ACT government school. This was used as a withdrawal space. Following a report into the incident, after a complaint was made to the Children and Young People’s Commissioner, the Principal of […]

Scientists believe oxytocin nasal spray has the potential to cure autism in individuals

Oslo, Norway — Scientists from the University of Oslo in Norway conducted a study that looked into the possibility of using oxytocin nasal spray to help cure— or at least ease— mental conditions, as well as autism, in patients. The research, which was done in collaboration with Pennsylvania-based company OptiNose, was made based around the […]

Mom teams up with bikers to raise funds for autism – w/video

Lee County, Ala. — A mother of a child with autism has been taking strides trying to raising funds in hopes of helping find a cure for autism. When Luanne Helms first found out that her son, Jake, has autism, she scoured the internet to find out everything about the developmental disorder, hoping to find […]

Junk Science Week: Robert De Niro gets Vaxxed

A documentary on the mother of all medical controversies Academy-award winner Robert De Niro and media legend Harvey Weinstein, head of Miramax, are teaming up to produce a documentary on the mother of all medical controversies: vaccines and their potential link to autism. This movie, in a way, would be a sequel to a current […]

Researchers found some monkeys possess autism-linked gene mutations

Cayo Santiago, Puerto Rico — Researchers say they have found gene mutations commonly linked to autism in monkeys that are living off the coast of Puerto Rico— in a place called Monkey Island. In a study presented at the 2015 Society for Neuroscience annual meeting recently held in Chicago, the group of researchers revealed that […]

Hollywood stars show support for autism documentary by HBO- w/video

New York — A number of Hollywood celebrities turned up at the premiere of “How to Dance in Ohio,” a documentary film by entertainment giant HBO. “How to Dance in Ohio” is directed by Alexandra Shiva, MCA entertainment company founder Jules C. Stein’s granddaughter, and daughter to Gil Shiva. The film follows a group of […]

Cedar Falls autism center opens in Iowa

Cedar Falls, Iowa — Families caring for children with autism in Cedar Falls, Iowa now have a place they can go to for their children’s special needs without having to endure an hour’s drive just to get to The Homestead autism center in Hiawatha. The Homestead center in Cedar Falls just recently opened its doors […]