Cuts on autism program taking its toll on children with autism in Illinois

Springfield, Ill. — The statewide cutbacks that affect the fundings intended for The Autism Program in Illinois is taking its toll on the ones who are supposed to benefit from the program — the children with autism. The current state budget impasse in Illinois saw non-profit organizations dependent on the state funding nearly paralyzed as […]

Walk Now for Autism Speaks Raises $140,000

Manchester, N.H. — Over 900 people walked for Autism Speaks Sunday at the Southern New Hampshire University in an effort to raise funds for the organization’s projects that are geared towards autism research as well as providing numerous services to children with autism spectrum disorder, and their families. Families from both Vermont and Maine gathered […]

Young girl struggling with autism writes down qualities of a ‘true friend’

Dublin — A young girl with autism was asked to write down the qualities of what she would consider a ‘true friend’, and she came up with things that reflect the struggles that children with autism often deal with. Molly-Raine Adams is seven years old, and she was only diagnosed with autism in July of […]

New York lawmaker pushes for ID cards for individuals with autism

Rotterdam, N.Y. — A lawmaker in New York is pushing for ID cards for individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Angelo Santabarbara of District 11 is hoping that individuals living with autism spectrum disorder in New York can soon avail themselves of an autism ID card, which is meant to help inform others of the […]

Autism Summit in Central Massachusetts aims to help working parents of children with autism

Worcester, Mass. — The Central Massachusetts Autism Summit this year was aimed to extend help to working parents caring for children with autism, as well as to shed light on the struggles that they face on a daily basis. Videos showing parents of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) were presented during the summit, and […]

Study says spontaneous rare mutations in genes responsible for half of autism cases

Cold Spring Harbor, N.Y. — A team of researchers from the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in New York found a genetic analysis that supports prediction that about half of autism cases involve spontaneous rare mutations in genes— rather than several common mutations that, collectively, inflict devastating effects to an individual, as commonly believed by many. […]

Teen Autism Ambassador meets Pope Francis – w/video

Montgomery County, Md. — A 13-year-old boy with autism who was chosen to become Montgomery County’s Autism Ambassador met Pope Francis earlier this week. Jake Edwards was among the 14 who were honored as the “Champions of Change” at the White House Monday. The young boy met the Pope as a representative of the Special Needs […]

First responders attend autism awareness training

Sandy Springs, Ga. — Personnels from the Sandy Springs Fire Rescue and the Sandy Springs Police Department underwent autism awareness training last week to help them communicate effectively with individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) especially during times of emergencies. According to the training’s organizer, Sandy Springs Fire Rescue Medical Services Officer Patrick Flaherty: “Recognizing […]

Parents with autistic teen jailed after police found son running naked in the streets

Chillicothe, Mo. — The parents of a teen with autism were arrested a week ago Sunday morning following reports received by local police that the 14-year-old was seen running down the street naked. Daniel III and Michelle Schliessman were arrested and charged with a felony for child endangerment involving drugs after police found drug paraphernalia […]

Adults with autism likely to develop Parkinson’s disease, says study

Chapel Hill, N.C. — A research recently published in the Journal of Neurodevelopmental Disorders suggests that adults with autism are more likely to develop Parkinson’s disease than others without the developmental condition. The study, “High rates of parkinsonism in adults with autism”, was conducted in an effort to take a closer look on the apparent […]