April 10, 2015

CC BY by Calsidyrose
CC BY by Calsidyrose

Toronto, Canada  — A young boy with autism shares how his therapy dog has changed his life for the better.

Speaking out at the Adam Beck Junior Public School in Scarborough where he is currently a student, Reid Charron shared how his life changed dramatically ever since his therapy dog, Abel, came into his life. He explained that Abel is a constant friend.

The Lions Foundation Canada Dogs Guide gave Reid and his family the autism assistance dog guide in November of last year, and since then, Reid has displayed significant changes in his behavior, according to his mom, Jen Charron. She told: “Reid is an amazing kid. He’s very energetic…and sometimes he has a very hard time bringing his energy down especially in kinds of group situations.”

Dogs Guide Canada Director of Program Development Ian Ashworth told that they train dogs for children who have autism, between the ages of three and eighteen, to help with daily living.

Adam Beck Junior Public School Principal Rita Gallippi said that the school always takes measures to promote acceptance in the campus, as well as outside of it. She told that the school work with their students to build awareness around autism, but also to be “accepting of all people, all children because we are all unique and different.”

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Source: Susan Hay on the Global News site: 8-year-old boy shares special bond with his autism assistance dog guide, Abel

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